4 of the most innovative spas in Arizona

According to Statista, the global market size of the spa and spa services industry is expected to reach over $133 billion by 2027. Arizona, declared by Forbes as one of the national leaders in the space spa and wellness, continues to innovate and push the industry to new levels every day – especially Arizona resort spas. Here’s how local spa industry leaders are improving their bottom line and thriving in one of the most competitive markets in the world:

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Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel

Proving that one is good but two is twice as good, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess now offers two spa destinations on the resort grounds. The first: Well & Being Spa, a 4,400 square meter pampering palace that offers everything from aerial hammock yoga and floating yoga, to an aromatherapy bar, massages and desert-inspired body treatments . Distinguished by its amenities as much as its treatment offerings, the spa features a panoramic rooftop pool with food and beverage offerings as well as unique indoor/outdoor soothing heated spas that are connected to each other almost like a cave. And then there are the indoor single-sex areas, offering indoor cold plunge and whirlpool areas, plus a steam room, sauna, and expansive mediation space.

In addition to this, in mid-2021, Fairmont Scottsdale announced the opening of Sisley-Paris Spa at Well & Being Spa. Founded in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano, Sisley is a French family business specializing in innovative and exceptional high quality cosmetic products. The international luxury beauty brand is the benchmark in phyto-cosmetology, sourcing the best natural plant extracts to achieve the most effective skincare results. Well & Being’s spa-in-a-spa concept is its own private six-room treatment center with an experience attaché and other high touch points. As the newest and largest addition to Sisley’s global spa portfolio, Sisley Spa Paris by Well & Being offers a retreat inspired by the beauty and serenity of Havasupai Falls and the surrounding Sonoran Desert.

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The Phoenician

When the iconic Phoenician completed the biggest refurbishment and refresh in the resort’s 30-year history in recent years, one of the most sweeping changes was the Phoenician Spa, which is a stunning establishment and built from from scratch, three-story building, with what feels like miles of personal space – including luxurious spaces for sleeping – sauna, steam room, rooftop pool, 24 treatment rooms, nail salon, Drybar and even a lifestyle shop.

To ensure that you have enough time to pamper yourself and enhance the benefits of your treatment, the spa invites clients to arrive approximately one hour before any service to participate in a wellness ritual. A hot and cold contrast hydrotherapy, the ritual begins with a five-minute sauna as its dry heat allows for muscle recovery and pain relief. This is followed by at least five minutes of steaming so that the moist heat can remove toxins from the body and improve breathing. This is followed by a 30-second cold shower to boost circulation and a five-minute rest period before retiring to the Vitality hot tub, which boosts the immune system and promotes overall relaxation, and a final 30-second cool shower (not cold this time) to regulate the body. Clients can then retreat to the relaxation lounge until treatment time. And the treatments? They continue to be on the cutting edge. In addition to standard and seasonal offerings, The Phoenician Spa offers everything from massages for the expectant mother to a three-step Keravive treatment, the first of its kind, for healthier, fuller hair.

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Hotel Valley Ho

VH Spa for Vitality + Health, a bright 8,000 square foot urban spa with a relaxation terrace and 24-hour high-tech fitness center located in the modern boutique hotel in the middle of the century, is differentiated by transformational services. For example, to welcome spring, the spa is offering a seasonal Coffee + Cream menu until the end of April. Treatments include an energizing Café Au Lait facial and a nervous system-reactivating coffee CBD scrub + massage to choose from.

Beyond that, there’s a range of treatment services meant to feel like a journey for all the senses on the spa’s regular menu, including an Istanbul-inspired hammam experience that cleanses, exfoliates, drizzle and mass with savory aromas such as coffee, lemon blossom, quince, mandarin and fig from the exotic Orient; and the Round-The-World Ticket, two hours of non-stop bliss using hot stones, dry brushing, Hypervolt percussion massage, cupping, hair mask, soaked hands and feet, and massage infused with CBD that ends with a special CBD drink or snack.

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CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa

CIVANA’s sole mission is to wrap guests in a warm cocoon of mindfulness, movement, relaxation, spiritual journeys, and good old-fashioned massages and facials. Let’s start with the spa itself. The two-story, 22,000-square-foot space is centered around the theme of “healing through water” and features 23 treatment areas, including a Watsu® therapy pool, two couples treatment rooms, three wet treatments including a Vichy shower, five facial treatment rooms, and 14 massage rooms. There is also a communal hydrotherapy dips area – the Aqua Vitality Circuit – which includes a European-designed Kneipp hot/cold splash pool, therapeutic soaking pool, cold deluge shower, and the five-climate KLAFS SANARIUM. Beyond the actual spa, however, the entire resort is set up as a wellness center and a restorative escape, often an experience that can be enjoyed together. There is an extensive menu of daily programs throughout the resort that draws on various disciplines and techniques and includes fitness, cuisine, personal and spiritual growth with everything from spirit animal workshops to aerial yoga classes.

But wait, there’s more. In recent months, the station has also launched “A Path to Connection”, a package that encourages travelers to find a deeper connection with their loved ones. Focusing on vulnerability, the package elements combine CIVANA’s commitment to “happiness first, health always”, while offering curated new wellness experiences that create a safe container for exploring vulnerability. Guests who embark on these experiences will be offered space and tools to better understand, empathize, forgive themselves and others, as well as explore acceptance, love and belonging. What does it mean? Consider programming featuring mindful breathing, intention burning ceremonies, intimacy workshops, and even full shamanic journeys.

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