5 secret Caribbean beach hotels to try right now

There’s nothing quite like a Caribbean hotel right on the sand.

There’s nothing between you and a blissful morning floating in the ocean, lounging by the waves, listening to the original Caribbean album.

Sure, you can find myriad beach resorts filled with all sorts of amenities, but where to get to the beach requires a fairly long walk.

At other resorts, however, there’s top-notch amenities: you walk straight from the bedroom (or downstairs) to the sand. It means a deeper connection with the ocean, with the island, with the experience. It means a holiday with a very different purpose.

Most of these hotels are, unsurprisingly, well known and well frequented. But still others remain off the radar of even discerning travelers, tucked away in the Caribbean’s most remote corners, secret beach hotels for those who love the joy of discovery.

Here are five “secret” Caribbean resorts to visit right now.

Southern Cross Club, Petit Cayman There’s not much like Little Cayman in the Caribbean – or the world, for that matter – an almost impossibly adorable little stretch of sand a short flight from Grand Cayman, where the biggest traffic jams are the chickens that cross the track. And we love the Southern Cross Club, a mix of 14 beach bungalows right on the sand, a place that instantly takes you into a whole different state of mind.

Villa Saint-Pierre, Martinique Another French Caribbean gem, this ultra-affordable Villa Saint Pierre (rooms often cost less than $100 a night) has just eight rooms, most with views of the fishing port. And yes, there is a small black sand beach at the foot of the hotel, where you can spend your afternoons after exploring the fascinating history of the town of Saint Pierre (and the two world-class rum distilleries , Depaz and Neisson, each within about 10 minutes drive).

Hotel Lobleu, Terre de Haut, Guadeloupe Fly to Guadeloupe, board a ferry to the tiny island of Terre-de-Haut, take a short stroll along the seaside boulevard and you’ll find Lobleu, an 11-room hostel with a charming ultra-calm beach with breathtaking views of the green hills of Les Saintes and, in the background, the imposing beauty of Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre. It’s the perfect place to spend days sipping punches in the sea.

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The Anegada Beach Club, the BVI’s premier boutique hotel.

Anegada Beach Club, British Virgin Islands It is the edge of the British Virgin Islands, the beach-lined border of Anegada, home to the BVI-listed hotel: the Anegada Beach Club, which comprises a traditional hotel and a collection of luxury interiors from simply spectacular glamping style. outdoor units perched just above the dunes. It’s one of the most unique experiences in the Caribbean and the best way to discover an island that is still a well-kept secret.

Atlantis Historic Inn, Barbados Bathsheba, Barbados is the largest surf town in the Caribbean, an almost mystical village on the island’s rugged east coast. And it’s his signature place to stay, a century-old boutique inn right on the beach, with a beautiful ocean-view pool and one of the best restaurants on the island.

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