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American Canyon Main Street on Hwy 29 could have another hotel, though adding gas stations beyond an upcoming Circle K looks questionable.

This week, the planning committee had two discussions that could affect the feel of Highway 29. It recommended that city council authorize a Hampton Inn and favored a ban on new gas stations, pending that some details be worked out.

The American Canyon stretch of highway is the first glimpse of Napa County for many visitors. It’s a mix of new shopping malls, old buildings and vacant lots.

A three-story, 112-room Hampton Inn with features like a fitness center and meeting room would be just south of Donaldson Way. It would replace, among other things, a house with a windmill opposite on 2.5 acres of land that is largely vacant.

“We are very happy to bring this project to the City of American Canyon and believe it will suit and energize surrounding businesses,” Al Shaghaghi said on behalf of the developers.

City officials have spent months pondering when the city might hit the hotel limit. The city has Fairfield Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express & Suites and Doubletree. A Home2 Suites is planned. The huge Watson Ranch development is having a hotel. There are several potential hotel sites.

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This is one of the main reasons City Council last December expressed reluctance to rezone land for a Hampton Inn.

A few months ago, the developer of Hampton Inn submitted a marketing study by Economic and Planning Systems, Inc. It looked at what the competition would be like from Hampton Inn – upscale and mid-range hotels – in South County. from Napa.

“Between 2023 and 2025, growth in hotel demand is expected to support an additional 275 additional rooms, which could be met by the proposed Hampton Inn or other hotel proposals,” the study said.

The Planning Commission wanted to ensure that any hotel built on the site remains at a certain level of quality. He recommended that at least a Forbes rating of three stars be required. Forbes awards up to five stars.

“I think the main thing is that I like the project. I think the project makes sense. I think it fits, ”said Commissioner Eric Altman.

Then city council will make a final decision on the Hampton Inn.

The planning commissioners also looked into the issue of gas stations.

American Canyon has spent several months studying a possible ban on new gas stations. The city has three along its 3.5 mile stretch of Highway 29 and a Circle K is to be built.

Other gas stations were mentioned. The developers have withdrawn an application for a Rotten Robbie gas station. A request from 7-Eleven to add fuel pumps is pending pending the outcome of the ban.

Enough is enough, the Planning Commission seemed to agree, although it took no votes. The reasoning was not so much to try to avoid a “gasoline alley” look as to fight climate change.

“We really hope that American Canyon can serve as an example to other jurisdictions in the valley on how to move forward together towards a fossil-free future,” Lori Stelling of Napa Climate NOW! said to the commissioners.

The biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions is transportation, said the city’s director of community development Brent Cooper. The main source is passenger vehicles.

“So there’s a connection here with the gas stations that sell fossil fuels,” Cooper said.

But the planning commission was unable to come up with a recommendation to city council overnight. Delaying action was to make sure all legal details are correct on how to deal with gas stations that stop working.

The existing service stations would be non-compliant uses. The commissioners agreed that if the operation is stopped for six months, the use of the gas station should not be restored.

“This is one of the issues with improper use,” Cooper said. “Over time, you want to phase them out. “

But putting the details into legal language will take longer. This includes looking at exceptions for things like natural disasters and possibly probate probate issues.

Existing service stations covered by the proposed ban could not expand to provide more gasoline or other fossil fuels.

Longtime local climate change activist Jim Wilson liked what he saw with the proposed new gas station ban.

“It was very exciting for me as a resident of Napa to see you personify this idea of ​​short-term decisive action,” Wilson told the planning commissioners.

No member of the public at Thursday’s meeting objected to the proposed new gas station ban.

American Canyon in Napa County has a trail around an old landfill that offers views of the wetlands and is approximately 2.5 miles.

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