Aries February 2021 horoscope: reassess your social life


Aries, you’ll probably be seriously thinking about your social life in February. All thanks to Mercury retrograde in your 11th house of community, scrutinizing your enlarged circles and forcing you to question the people you spend time with. Follow the Aquarius mantra “There is no ‘I’ in ‘we’, and this demotion will encourage you to participate in humanitarian efforts. Get ready, this is just the tip of the iceberg in your Aries horoscope for February 2021.

Fortunately, February will also be a month lots of new friendships and aspirations. Starting February 1, Venus will enter your outgoing 11th house, increasing your desire to spend time with like-minded people. You may even find yourself in contact with people with whom you have lost contact. By February 11, the New Moon in Aquarius will encourage you to let go of the dreams you have passed by embracing a vision for the future that sends electricity through your soul.

However, while Saturn is square to Uranus, you may feel unsatisfied with your current conditions and willing to be cautious just to make things ~ more exciting ~. Maybe you don’t get paid well at work, or you just don’t feel energized in your social life. It might be time to take a financial risk and step out of your comfort zone, but remember: keep your foot on the ground whenever you can.

The atmosphere becomes much more spiritual and internal on February 18th. This is when the sun enters your 12th house of intuition and loneliness, encouraging you to embrace a period of soul-searching and healing. As Direct Mercury Stations on February 20, your relationships will improve, as will your perspective on what you can accomplish in the future. As Venus enters your empathetic 12th house, your relationships will take on a compassionate, therapeutic, and secretive tone.

It all adds up to a win at the end of the month! On February 26, Jupiter will trigger the North Node, sending positive energy to your social life and guiding you to opportunities to connect with others, speak your mind, and learn along the way. As a full moon In your Sixth House of Work and Health on February 27, you will enter March motivated to improve your idea of ​​self-care, as well as your relationship to productivity. Go get them, Aries!

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