BBC Amazing Hotels: ‘Sickened’ viewers vow never to watch again as guests of ridiculously posh London hotel are revealed to be paying £34,000 a night

Viewers who tuned in to watch Amazing Hotels on BBC Two on Tuesday could not hide their disgust at how much money some people spent just to stay a night in a luxury hotel.

In the final episode, which aired on February 22, presenters Giles Coren and Monica Galettitune gave viewers a glimpse of London’s five-star Lanesborough Hotel near Hyde Park in Knightsbridge.

The hotel is meant to house elite guests including Madonna, George Bush Sr, Bianca Jagger, Cher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Johnny Depp, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey and Pamela Anderson.

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It includes a royal suite of approximately 4,845 square feet and includes seven bedrooms, two living rooms and a large dining room, as well as a gym, swimming pool, spa and steam showers.

While the decor and detailing of the luxurious 93-room hotel was impressive, the mere fact that guests had the cash to pay between £27,000 and £34,000 a night to stay there made some viewers “sick”.

One viewer said: ‘How the rich live – £27,000 a night for five bedrooms. This is more than the average working salary per year”.

Another added: ‘The 7-bedroom Royal Suite at the Lanesborough is £34,000…for just one night…more than most people make in a whole year!’

Some who watched the show were so shocked by what they saw that they vowed never to watch the show again.

“I am watching Amazing Hotels for the first and only time. Sheer extravagance and all the best,” said one. is really nauseating!”.

Another added: “There are people in this world who can stay in a room costing £25,000 a night for months?! Sickening, isn’t it? Lucky people.”

However, some people enjoyed the show and found it inspiring: “Watching Amazing Hotels, they learned that every room at the Lanesborough Hotel is fitted with motion sensors so butlers can know where guests are at any time… …and I think that would make a GREAT plot point for some sort of spy/thriller, wouldn’t it?”

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