Borgo Santandrea, Amalfi: Hot Hotels

Anticipation of summer hangs in the air, and thoughts turn more often than we’d like to admit to planning a spectacular vacation – and we mean seriously spectacular. Because after two years of bookings, cancellations, lockdowns and endless testing anxieties, the urge to travel somewhere fabulous and forget everything that happened is stronger than ever, and only the best places will do. With the sweet taste of freedom on our lips, and 2022 being hailed as the year of the “voyage of vengeance”, we’ll be damned if we don’t do it all. If not now, then when?

The fear that everything will be swept away again is always on the mind, so we will go straight to the top. And the top is undoubtedly that shiny new gem on the Amalfi Coast: Borgo Santandrea. A labor of love that took two families of hoteliers four years to complete, it’s a masterpiece of luxurious mid-century modern Mediterranean style — and yet, miraculously, a relative secret. That’s largely because it opened rather quietly last summer when Italy was still tight, but it’s only a matter of time before the glitzy crowds arrive, naturally. Unbeatable location, gorgeous interiors, impeccable service, breathtaking views, privacy, a truly special atmosphere and every detail taken care of with the utmost care… Borgo Santandrea has it all, and some, so get there while you still can.

The location

There will always be a romantic allure on the Amalfi Coast, and in particular the town of the same name near which Borgo Santandrea is located. But, exceptionally, this hotel has an attraction of its own. A vision in white, it juts out from a cliff above Conca Dei Marini, with a cave behind and an Arabian-style castle below. It’s the first new hotel on the Amalfi Coast to open in 15 years, which says a lot about how scarce a spot is available here, let alone one with its own private beach accessible by lift. The water here is refreshing, crystal clear, the dream, and it’s exclusive to hotel guests – something completely unheard of here, but very well utilized with its own restaurant, bar, beach club, water sports and thrown. Those wishing to explore further are perfectly placed to make the most of all the coast has to offer: Praiano, Positano and Ravello are just a boat hire away, while a short taxi ride will take you to the center of ‘Amalfi for a touch of Italian summer movement.

The atmosphere

Privacy and exclusivity are the name of the game here, but with a noticeable lack of snobbery or pretension. Being brand new, Borgo doesn’t rely on any illustrious history, ‘icon’ status or instantly recognizable name for its success, and as such only really appeals to those in the know. The crowd is delightfully low-key but openly grateful, savoring every moment, which means indulging is all too natural. An Aperol Spritz on your deckchair in a striped towel at 11 a.m.? Why not. Freshly caught lobster and pasta for lunch washed down with a bottle of wine? It would be rude not to. Float up to your post-prandial massage in a floaty kaftan and nap the whole way? It’s so good. It is The good life embody, and guests should (and must) conscientiously follow this example.

The rooms

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