Community Health & Wellness launches allergy testing and treatment program

TORRINGTON — The Community Health & Wellness Center recently launched a new allergy screening and treatment service to help patients identify and treat allergies.

The CHWC allergy team tests for 60 different environmental allergens – from mold spores and trees to grass and pollen – and 30 different food allergens.

“Allergies can be responsible for more than just a stuffy nose, itching, watery eyes and other unpleasant effects. They can also cause sleep disturbances, anxiety, reduced quality of life, learning and attention problems. If left untreated, allergies can worsen throughout a person’s lifetime and develop into asthma,” according to the CHWC.

“A lot of people have allergies, but they don’t have to,” said Alysha Lyman, LPN, who performs allergy testing at CHWC. “Our tests are quick, easy and painless. The whole process takes 30-40 minutes, and subsequent immunotherapy treatment can lead to improved quality of life.

“Spring is a time of blooms and blossoms, which also welcomes seasonal allergies,” said Joanne Borduas, CEO, CHWC. “Food allergies are also a year-round problem for many. We are delighted to have expanded our medical service offerings to now provide patients with allergy relief through our new screening and treatment program.

Websites can also help; is an allergy tracker that provides current allergy forecast information based on your location. Other useful allergy trackers include where you can type in your city or zip code, and the National Allergy Bureau

Community Health & Wellness is a federally licensed health center located at 469 Migeon Avenue, Torrington, and can be reached at 860-489-0931. CHWC also has an office at 10 Center Street in Winsted, 860-238-4211, and plans to open a third location in North Canaan in early 2023.

For more information, visit and on Facebook Community Health and Wellness – Torrington/Winsted.

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