Denison and OSU’s Wexner Center Collaborate to Improve Student Well-Being

Denison University announced a partnership with Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center via press release April 13, with the goal of bringing “enhanced health and wellness services” to members of the school community. .

Specifically, the organizations will aim to provide “comprehensive health and wellness support”, “increased access to on-campus mental health services“, “sports medicine services” and “better access to specialized care on campus”. after the two groups have worked closely together to address the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to their campuses.

The presidents of both institutions expressed excitement about the announcement.

“We are thrilled to offer these expanded resources to our community,” said Adam Weinberg of Denison University. “By enhancing our health and wellness services and partnering with Ohio State Wexner Medical Center for hands-on, expert care, we are better positioning members of our campus and community to lead their best and most successful lives. healthy.”

“We are always stronger when we work together, and there is perhaps no more worthwhile cause in pooling our resources than to provide additional health and wellness services to as many people as possible. possible of members of our collective higher education community,” said Kristina M. Johnson of Ohio State. mentioned.

According to Weinberg, the goals for the collaboration were determined in response to feedback from members of the Denison community. In an email sent to Denison students, staff and faculty, he said more specific details about the partnership would be shared in the coming months.

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