Downtown hotels are fully booked for the epic Orange weekend

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – As Orange Nation fans flock from all over Syracuse to cheer on their undefeated team, they won’t just be packing the Loud House.

“This weekend will be sold out for us,” said Marriott Syracuse Downtown hotel manager Melissa Oliver. “It’s normally sold out, but there’s a lot more excitement this weekend, especially given the current status of SU football.”

The big game associated with Syracuse University Family Weekend creates a similar experience down the road at the Crowne Plaza Syracuse hotel.

“It’s one of the biggest special event weekends, if not the biggest special event weekend and with the football team playing the way they do, it’s exciting!”

Kyle Hares, General Manager of Crowne Plaza Syracuse

Both hotels have seen an increase in traffic due to Orange’s winning streak, and Marriott’s Warren Street tailgate continues to grow week after week.

“The better SU do, the more people come out for the next game, so we see that with our tailgates, they’re doubling in size every game,” Oliver said.

The heightened excitement means everyone is on deck for hotel staff, but Hares said they’re not complaining.

“It’s our passion, it’s what we do and what we crave for two years of a pandemic, so we’re ready,” he said.

For those staying downtown and looking for a way to get to the Dome on Saturdays, Centro offers a nonstop shuttle bus for $2 round trip. You can buy tickets inside Shaughnessy’s Irish Pub.

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