Global Asset Solutions Launches Hotel Asset Management Training

Global Asset Solutions has launched an online training course with external accreditation that will meet the growing demand for hotel asset management.

The course will target aspiring asset managers already working elsewhere in the industry, as well as students and new entrants.

Alex Sogno, CEO of Global Asset Solutions, said: “Hotel asset management has grown in recent years, with detailed operational knowledge in high demand as the pursuit of profit becomes increasingly difficult.”

“Asset management at its best combines on-the-job knowledge with experience to ensure the owner, brand and all stakeholders are aligned and operating at their best. This course teaches the skills needed to create the value of hotels for the owner, helping you to understand the real estate side of hotels as well as the capital issues.

The course builds on the decades of experience gained by Global Asset Solutions as it became the largest independent asset manager in EMEA and AP, with assets under management worth over $15 billions of dollars. The company’s continued involvement in the industry means the course stays up to date, providing real-world examples, addressing current issues and trends.

This certificate is aimed at hotel owners, bankers, investors, lenders, operators (e.g. regional vice president or general managers), students and anyone involved in hotel real estate who wishes to put update their skills and learn more about asset management. This course was originally built as an academic program, but has since been rewritten and enhanced for today’s business environment, with real-world work experiences.

The course includes an introduction to asset management, real asset management scenarios, and the tools and techniques used by asset managers.

By the end of the program, students will have all the information they need to make strategic decisions, easily understand financial statements (i.e. P&L, balance sheet or cash flow), analyze and approve a budget and create a solid asset management plan.

Sogno added: “The number of stakeholders involved in each hotel property is constantly growing and the role of asset manager is essential to ensure cohesion. A good asset manager must work across brands and across continents, so the owner can be truly confident that the decisions made are based on market knowledge and in-depth experience. This course aims to provide that critical education.

The certificate will be awarded by Global Asset Solutions and the International Luxury Hotel Association.

Barak Hirschowitz, President of the International Luxury Hotel Association, said: “As hotels become more mainstream as an asset class, investors have realized the value of specialist asset managers who have the knowledge to maximize the potential of these complex properties. This course will increase the credibility of the sector with investors and help them achieve their investment goals and we are proud to be associated with it.

For more details, visit the course pages on our website.

About Global Asset Solutions

Global Asset Solutions operates worldwide and is the largest independent asset manager in Europe, with assets under management worth over $15 billion. The company draws on decades of experience in the luxury sector to provide tailored solutions that enable investors to increase the value of their assets and realize the potential of their assets.

Alex Sogno
CEO and Senior Hotel Asset Manager
Global Asset Solutions

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