GMA’s Lara Spencer’s Luxury Lobby at Her Connecticut Home Looks Like a Five-Star Hotel

Hannah Hargrave

Lara Spencerit is beautiful luxury house in Connecticut can give you a little home decorating craving – and its spacious and stunningly designed lobby seems to fit right in with any five-star hotel!

The CMG The star shared some photos of the stunning space, while giving fans a glimpse of her beloved dog, Riva, who likes to lay by the front door – often waiting for her son, Duff, to come home at home. Sure, the photos of the pooch are adorable, but there’s no doubt that his amazing the house stole the show.

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In one photo, the prominent Golden Retriever was eclipsed by the stunning entryway, complete with fabulous pendant lights and an oversized rug that partially covered the hardwood floors.

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There wasn’t a pair of shoes in sight and nothing seemed out of place. Lara kept it simple with a modern looking table and ornaments placed under a large black mirror.

She captioned the image: “Waiting at the door for Duff to come home from college for the weekend… (me too). But for his fans, it was all about his house.

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“Nice entrance” wrote one, while a second added: “Beautiful home, beautiful puppy,” and others said, “You have a nice house.”

Lara’s house is beautiful

Another time, Lara gave fans a look from a slightly different angle. The image revealed that of Lara grand staircase, with a lush runner descending its steps and chic moldings on the walls attached to it. The most striking feature, however, was the star’s adorable pet dog is waiting for herperfectly placed, at the break of the stairs.

The news anchor shared the sweet photo to her Instagram stories and feed, writing, “Two pieces of art,” referencing the modern sculpture at the bottom of the stairs.

Lara’s amazing home from a different perspective

Lara shares her home with her husband, Richard McVey, and daughter, Katherine, while her son, Duff, attends college. As if the house wasn’t perfect enough, it also has a great guesthouse which she renovated with very frugal finds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lara explained: “Since it was during quarantine, I had to get a lot creative with my existing finds at flea markets and thrift stores along the way.”

Her dog Riva makes the perfect show home model

She loves finding a hidden gem for her home and has made a name for herself with her hit show Flea market.

Although it is no longer airing, she has another show – besides her CMG hosting a concert – called, Everything but the house.

The show premiered in March 2021 and has become a hit with viewers who enjoy watching Lara find treasures in other people’s homes.

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