Here’s Why Amangiri Is America’s Most Luxurious Hotel

“Transportive” is perhaps the best word to describe the experience here, emotionally, but also metaphysically. On that last point, they literally set your cell phone clock back an hour when you arrive, aligning you to the time zone of the nearest city (Page, Arizona) rather than the rest of Utah. For those coming from out of state, like we did, this has the added benefit of giving you an extra hour on the property.

Once you complete this minor act of time travel, you are taken to your room. The level of luxury is astonishing, both on a macro and micro scale. In the first category, our room was sumptuous: we had a king-size bed located in the center of the room, as well as a bathroom larger than my first apartment in New York, as well as a sitting area and our own outdoor fireplace with open view. view of the surrounding desert. But it’s the little touches that make the experience truly memorable, from the unlimited supply of free snacks in the pantry (including several varieties of locally made trail mixes and sodas), to the chic hats and bags that are provided. for use on the property, to homemade hand sanitizer in the bathroom with its light aroma of desert sage. And then there’s the fact that when I picked up the phone to call reception, it never even rang: Someone was always instantly available to take my call.

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