Houstonian and Deshaun Watson hotel information leaked

New Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is trying to leave his life behind in the city of Houston. However, this former existence continues to follow him to Cleveland.

It appears that when he was a member of the Houston Texans, Deshaun was unhappy spending his days off at his swanky six-bedroom, five-bathroom home on Legend Manor Drive in the upscale Royal Oaks subdivision. Country Club. Perhaps its swimming pool with adjoining jacuzzi just wasn’t its form of relaxation.

Deshaun Watson’s house in Houston

Instead, he liked to relax at the Houstonian Hotel just off I-610.

This hotel sits on 18 acres and includes a hotel, seven restaurants, a cafe, a world-class spa, tennis courts, a hot tub, an aquatic center, a fitness center and 33,890 square feet of fitness. meeting space in its conference center. One of the food establishments is actually a pie shop. The location of the hotel is close to Uptown and downtown.

In the 1980s, George H. W. Bush used the Houstonian as his official voting residence in Suite 271.

In addition to President Bush, the Houstonian attracts many celebrities and the city’s elite due to its many luxury amenities, but it’s also tucked away in one of Houston’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

And Deshaun was one of those celebrities.

According to court records, Deshaun had an account at the Houstonian. He had asked his marketing manager to acquire rooms there for the quarterback, usually on his days off from practice.

And the Houstonian Hotel is something else: part of the fight for preliminary evidence in the 22 civil lawsuits against him.

There are 22 women who have sued Deshaun accusing him of sexual misconduct during massage sessions. According to some of these documents, rooms at the Houstonian were used by some of these women to show up and give him massages. Those same documents also state that the sexual misconduct occurred during his stays.

The attorney for the 22 women is Tony Buzbee. He stated to USA today:

“He takes women in some of these cases to the Houstonian, which (provides luxury massage services to clients), but he brings in women who aren’t even licensed to massage?”

In one of these documents, it is stated that Deshaun met a massage therapist on Instagram, then two weeks later, she flew her from Atlanta to the Houstonian for a massage. She claims that during this session sexual misconduct occurred.

Another woman he met on Snapchat and she performed four massage sessions at the Houstonian in 2020. According to her in it, his sexual behavior became more aggressive with each visit with sexual misconduct occurring during several of those sessions.

From the start, Deshaun said he was innocent. Two Texas County grand juries reviewed all of the evidence and recommended no criminal charges against him. He then signed a record $230 million contract with the Browns as their new quarterback.

The 22 civil lawsuits have been postponed to spring 2023 but are on track. Part of these prosecutions is to attempt to gather information that Deshaun’s actions were continuous and to provide a pattern. That’s why his repeat stints at the Houstonian are sought after.

Buzbee notes that the Houstonian uses a luxury massage and spa center just three miles from the hotel with free shuttle services and discounted rates for guests. He wondered why Deshaun was seeking outside sessions rather than using what was available to him.

Cornelia Brandfield-Harvey is another attorney for the 22 Women. She expressed that the evidence shows that Deshaun has a repeated pattern of programming female massage therapists via social media in an effort to have sex or various sexual acts and not just massage, even if the he idea was neither mutual nor consensual.

Brandfield-Harvey said:

“The burning question in the minds of the jury, I believe, will be why didn’t he use the facilities available to him” instead of seeking massages with people he didn’t know on social networks.

A court filing by the plaintiffs resulted in a hearing several weeks ago. In that proceeding, the judge compelled Deshaun to provide detailed accounts of all massage treatments with payment information from March 2019 to March 2020.

Lawyers for the 22 women are now seeking documents relating to the Houstonian, including records of payments made at the hotel, rooms rented and length of stay, and any correspondence between the Texans and Deshaun from 2019-2021 regarding the hotel. .

Houstonian Hotel Indoor Pool

In a pretrial deposition in February, Deshaun’s marketing manager, Bryan Burney, said he sometimes arranges to get hotel rooms for Deshaun to get massages.

In the deposition, Buzbee asked Burney, “When Deshaun Watson asks you, ‘Hey, man, get me a room at the Houstonian; I want a massage, how do you charge her for that, right? »

Burney’s response was:

“I don’t charge him because he had an account with The Houstonian, so there was nothing to charge him,”

It was also noted that during this time the pandemic forced massage establishments to close, including the one the Houstonian uses. However, the hotel opened a partner spa called Solaya the same month.

Currently, Deshaun is required to provide the courts with specific massage information with dates, therapists used with locations. He must provide this information by May 6.

The Houstonian said it was not providing customer information and declined to comment on Deshaun or his account.

Meanwhile, the NFL is conducting its own investigation and monitoring these developments. However, they are unlikely to suspend or fine him for a violation of his personal conduct policy until all civil lawsuits are completed.

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