Irish luxury hotel hits back at scathing TripAdvisor review that staff treated them like ‘second class citizens’ after € 1,000 stay


A luxury Irish hotel hit back at a scathing Tripadvisor review that claimed guests were treated ‘like second class citizens’.

The Genlo Abbey Hotel in County Galway was criticized by a disgruntled customer after his € 1,000 stay.

The five-star hotel, located next to Lough Corrib in Bushypark, is a renowned luxury hotel where a room would set you back over € 350 for a night, Galway Beo reports.

It describes itself as offering “unparalleled service, warm Irish hospitality and five star luxury” and adds that it is “steeped in grandeur and history”.

However, a couple who recently checked in for a stay at this amazing hotel said their welcome was not warm and while the Pullman restaurant and hotel spa were up to par, some of the staff did not. were not.

The reviewer said that the hotel staff were insincere and inattentive, and that they would not return.

The review said, “I’ll try to be fair because part of our experience has been great.

“We arrived at 1:10 pm well before the 3:00 pm check-in as we were going to the spa at 1:45 pm.

“We were immediately informed that we could not check in until 3pm (we did not expect to check in) and it was only when we explained that we had booked at the spa and wanted to eat something beforehand. care that our bags were taken and we were guided to the top of a trail and pointed towards the spa and Palmer’s restaurant.

“At this point we felt like second class citizens not welcoming guests warmly, it was not to start until 3pm!

“The food at Palmers was good, the atmosphere was not the relaxed one we were looking for.

“The staff were lovely but could have been more attentive, several times we had to ask for their attention when we expected them to constantly scan the room.”

He continued, “The room was lovely, the view a complete disappointment.

“When we questioned him, the young manager on duty showed us another room, but it was not comparable despite having a better view. We chose to stay where we were.

“The person we first reported the problem to was helpful but indifferent.”

Despite this, the reviewer said they “loved every moment” of the spa and added, “The spa girls were just fantastic, welcoming and great at what they did.

They then praised the dinner at the hotel restaurant, The Pullman, saying, “It was so good, the staff, the service, the food the ambiance. It certainly met our expectations and more again. I highly recommend it. ”

Upon check out, the reviewer described the staff as “insincere” and said: “We judge a place as much by check out as by check in and this was sorely lacking.

“The question was asked whether we enjoyed our stay and that was really not sincere.

“We had enjoyed much of our visit, but when I mentioned the disappointment with the view in the room, as my husband had a view of the hording and I had a view of a service building when we had lunch in the room, the response was indifference.

“Overall, we enjoyed our stay together, but would we stay at the hotel again? No. Will we come back to the spa or the Pullman? Absoutely.

“The overall experience was disappointing and not what we would expect from a five star property.”

In response to the TripAdvisor review, the hotel’s general manager replied: “I am really upset that the issues you are complaining about were not addressed, to your specific expectations, while you were here in Glenlo and in particular at the time of check-in.

“While we would necessarily have to operate within government-imposed limits, had I been aware of your difficulties with check-in I would have personally done my best to find you a room that met your expectations upon your arrival. although it was a couple of hours before the 3pm check-in time.

“I invite you to contact me to discuss it.

“Your choice of words like hypocrite, indifference and recklessness is certainly not the culture my team was chosen and trained with.

“I hope you enjoy this with your complimentary comments regarding the staff.

“I know when you left you turned down the front desk’s offer to meet with me or meet a senior manager.

“It is unfortunate that your disappointment could not have been dealt with then as it would have been in a direction

“I sincerely appreciate your bringing these matters to my attention. I apologize to my and my team for not meeting some of your expectations.

“I ask you to contact me directly and I hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back to Glenlo again soon.”

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