January 2021 Cancer Horoscope: Major Changes in Relationships


Your social bonds deepen significantly this month, Cancer. In fact, when Passionate Mars powers your 11th community house on January 6, you can feel inspired to put together a team of thinkers and see what you can accomplish when your brilliant minds come together. Your Cancer horoscope for January 2021 is here to harness your leadership abilities and reveal how much of a Crusader you can be!

The air could start to feel heavier and more powerful by January 8. This is when the messenger Mercury will enter your intense eighth house of rebirth, fostering a rather serious and supernaturally intelligent state of mind. Your intuition and ability to investigate will skyrocket with the power! This is also when romantic Venus will activate your seventh house of partnerships, making it an incredibly meaningful month in your love life. You could end relationships that you have overcome and strengthen relationships that are meant to be (especially at this stage of your life).

In fact, you may be starting an exciting new relationship by January 13. The new moon in Capricorn illuminates your partnership-oriented descendant, indicating a new beginning with someone in your life. You can define the terms of a relationship or just improve your current relationship dynamics. Problems with intimacy can arise, but hey, no one ever said love was easy!

The intensity doesn’t end there either. After the sun in Aquarius activates your eighth house of transformation on January 19, you will be called into a period of your life that will be about leaving your past behind and embracing the possibilities of the future. Difficult experiences will only make you stronger and they will also pave the way for friendships and relationships with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Everything happens for a (mysterious) reason!

The month ends with a meaningful message. January 29, a full moon will radiate through your second home of finances and assets, revealing the differences between what you want to and what you need. However, there is much more to the story, because Mercury will also be stationary retrograde in your 11th house of hopes and wishes on January 30th. At this point, you might find that you want something else entirely! That said, we will have to wait until February to find out.

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