Joe Biden ends up staying at four-star hotel after luxury Gleneagles didn’t have room for him



President Joe Biden ended up staying at a four star hotel after the Gleneagles luxury resort ran out of room, we can reveal.

The US leader and his army of staff spent two nights at the picturesque Dalmahoy complex near Edinburgh during COP26 with no other guests allowed inside – except members of the golf course.


Joe Biden was left in a four-star hotelCredit: AFP
Luxury Gleneagles ran out of space and couldn't accommodate the US president


Luxury Gleneagles ran out of space and couldn’t accommodate the US presidentCredit: Michael Schofield – The Sun

But the surprise choice came only after super-exclusive Gleneagles in Perthshire reportedly told organization officials they only had four rooms to spare.

A source said: “Gleneagles was the first choice, but four bedrooms was never going to be enough.

“Dalmahoy is very, very kind, but that’s not immediately what comes to mind when you think of places to stay for the world’s most powerful politician. “

Biden was kept on his trip by dozens of Secret Service agents as well as British cops.

A massive security operation was triggered when the 78-year-old arrived in Edinburgh on Monday morning.

In Dalmahoy – once the venue for the Solheim Cup and used to high-end guests – work had been underway for weeks to prepare for his visit.

All televisions were removed from the building for fear of being wiretapped and the White House provided theirs instead.

And now the hotel bosses are planning to rename part of the building as “North Wing” and the suite he stayed in has now been renamed “Presidential Suite”.

The source added: ‘It was strange that they wanted all TVs removed because it is believed they could have been bugged.

“So they brought theirs with them.

“The wine cellar was also taken down and turned into a secure bunker if anything should happen while he was there.

“About eighty members of the Secret Service arrived with him and there was the same number from a Met unit.

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“On top of that, more cops across the country were located at the hotel 24/7.

“It was really surreal.”

Snipers were also reportedly based on points on the roof of the building.

His motorcade of 30 traveled between the capital and the SEC in his seven-seat black armored limousine – known as the Beast.

It can be transformed into a sealed panic room with oxygen tanks, a night vision camera, and reinforced steel plating believed to be able to withstand bullets, chemical attacks, and bombs.

The Cadillac has Kevlar reinforced tires and steel rims that can keep the vehicle moving even if the tires have been destroyed.

Vials of the President’s blood type are carried aboard in case of a medical emergency, and a satellite phone helps maintain communication from anywhere in the world.

They say hundreds of white hydrangeas, the First Lady’s favorite flower, were shipped to decorate the interior of the building.

The president and his entourage were due to return to Washington last night.
Gleneagles said reservations were the responsibility of the organizers.

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