Kwik Trip opens on-site daycare for employees in La Crosse

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Kwik Trip opened the doors of its new daycare today in hopes of helping families in the area.

John McHugh, director of public relations for Kwik Trip, says it’s been hard for his employees to find daycare — and it’s a solution.

“Childcare is a necessity for young parents, and it is often a bit complicated to find it. So we wanted to give families the option of having a great place to bring their kids,” McHugh said.

Kwik Trip employs 3,000 people in the region, many of whom have young children.

The organizers say it was the perfect option.

This daycare is a partnership with Bright Horizons.

Although many child care centers have struggled to find staff, Bright Horizon Regional Vice President Jami Behrens says Bright Horizons has perks that will help keep providers.

“We have ratios that we have to respect, so many teachers, so many children. So it’s a great way to get people to work for bright horizons who want a career in early childhood,” Behrens said.

The center is located in the old La Crosse Wellness Center building on Darling Court.

It has classrooms, an art room, and a library on site.

Treatments are only available to Kwik Trip employees.

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