Mindful Mondays: The perfect place to take the stress out of test season

Paly Wellness is hosting many wellness activities this month, including Mindful Mondays. (Graphic: Paly Wellness)

In order to help students stressed out during finals, the Wellness Center organizes Mindful Mondays over lunch every Monday.

Shely Benitah, Wellness Outreach Officer, said the goal of Mindful Mondays is to help students develop skills and tools to manage their stress, while adding self-care practices to their week.

“Some weeks we will organize a meditationtion, others a mindful activity like mindful eating,” Benitah said. “We hope to introduce different types of mindfulness practices so students can find what works best for them.”

Benitah said she strongly encourages students to stop by the wellness center to participate in these mindful activities, as the benefits are crucial for students during a high stress period like finals.

“Sometimes it’s hard to prioritize that time for self-care when you’re overwhelmed with exams and studying, so we really want to show students that even taking a minute to pause and take a few deep breaths can really help them refocus,” says Benitah.

Even beyond the finals, Benitah said students should continue to practice mindfulness and make it part of their daily routine. Mindfulness has a seemingly endless list of physical, mental and emotional benefits., including stress reduction, emotional balance and increased memory and creativity.

“High school can be just as excitingg and stressful,” Benitah said. “A helpful way to deal with the ups and downs is to have a self-care practice – incorporating behaviors that help you feel refreshed, energized and rested. These practices help you deal with the daily stresses in your life – academic pressure, interpersonal relationships and uncertain future plans.

You can find more information on Mindful Mondays and other Wellness Center resources. here.

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