Napa City Planners Recommend Denial of Downtown Hotel Proposal | Local News


Vin Smith said the Andaz and Archer hotels were allowed to park in city parking lots through negotiated development agreements, which he said the city only entered into when there was greater public benefit. to do it.

Smith said the Andaz Hotel was the first hotel built downtown, so the development posed a significant business risk and made a substantial improvement to First Street. The Archer Hotel also made a significant improvement to First Street through a development agreement, he said.

Smith also said that, in part because of the two hotel developments, the business environment in downtown Napa has improved over the years and the demand for parking space is increasing.

“We’re very fickle, if you will, or picky, or specific about the decisions we make as a community to give up public property in order to benefit private business,” Smith said. “This is another reason, or other reasons, why the staff did not support this request: it does not come with anything other than, we want to remove this building, we want to build a new building and we want to use your parking lot. to solve our parking needs.

Kelley said the only way the project would work would be with a development agreement, with parking, which would have to be approved by city council. He suggested that the project could be continued so that the developer can try to work on, and then negotiate, a development agreement.

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