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A victory for Uptown!

Owner of Jeremya massage therapy wellness center and retail store in Nolo, expanded its brand offering and opened a second outlet for its sister company, PureomEO.

Located in the Lowry Hill neighborhood, the boutique is the first stand-alone brick-and-mortar of the PureomEO brand focused almost entirely on its namesake line of all-natural, vegan and blended essential oils, body products and eau de parfum. by hand. Like Jeromeo, the new store also offers a variety of CBD products from the local hemp company Carpe Diem CBDa brand that operates under Saginaw, Minnesota Northstar Hemp.

While owner Scott Johnson’s North Loop store has a curated selection of homewares, pottery, jewelry, and furniture, the Uptown store is more focused on the feel-good space. “The new storefront gives us a place to really focus on and grow the PureomEO brand,” Johnson said. “I’ve been creating fragrances for over 35 years and I’m thrilled to have a standalone boutique in beautiful Lowry Hill to showcase our premium, eco-friendly ingredients, thoughtful artisanal processes and small-batch expertise.”

Johnson is also one of the first local retailers to bring THC gummies to its shelves – PureomEO and Jeromeo carry a selection of You bet cannabis (another brand under the North Star Hemp umbrella). For Johnson, it was only natural to introduce THC edibles given that his customers had a strong interest in hemp-based products. Just three months after legalization in Minnesota and Johnson has already sold to Jeromeo multiple times. “I only see him growing in popularity and growing on this side of the business,” Johnson says.

Find PureomEO at the corner of Hennepin and Franklin Ave., next to Sebastian Joe’s. 2000 Hennepin Ave, Mpls.,, @pureomeo

Madeleine Nachbar

Madeleine Nachbar

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September 8, 2022


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