Ochsner gears up for Clearview opening in 2023 with upcoming job fair and final details on Metairie facility | Sponsored: Ochsner

Ochsner is making healthcare easier for residents of the Jefferson Parish area with the upcoming opening of the Ochsner Medical Complex – Clearview, scheduled for February 2023.

The downtown Clearview facility is described as a patient-centric healthcare destination with a wide range of medical services, including minimally invasive and robotic surgery, OB/GYN care, breast care for women, pain management, ambulatory endoscopies and other health treatments, cardiac services, neurology services and more. It will also include a sinus center, a vision center and wellness services, such as a medical spa, acupuncture and other treatments.

“As we expand our presence in West Metairie, we wanted to ensure that we provide everything we can for our patients, including primary care and life-saving screenings. It’s also an opportunity for us to move some of the less complicated procedures from the main campus to an accessible, high-tech environment,” said Dr. George Loss, Ochsner Regional Medical Director.

Rob Wolterman, Ochsner’s regional general manager for the South Shore region and clinical joint ventures, said hospital leaders have discussed improving access to healthcare in Metairie over the past four or last five years. When the former Sears Clearview City Center became available, Ochsner knew he had found the perfect location for a convenient, multi-specialty healthcare destination.

“It fits perfectly with our efforts to make health care more convenient for patients across the region,” Wolterman said. “A lot of what we do now is done in an outpatient-focused, outpatient environment to keep our patients healthy and out of hospital. When you combine this approach with the location and the needs of area residents, it really is ideal for our community. »

Andrew Hancher, AVP of Ambulatory Operations at Ochsner, said the overall goal of the Clearview complex is to provide patients with a complete healthcare experience in one place. Dr. Loss noted that one of Ochsner’s core tenets is a multidisciplinary approach to medical care, something patients will continue to see at Clearview. About 250 employees are expected to work at Clearview, most of them directly involved in patient services.

“We wanted to make sure there was a team available for patients as well as the technological advances they might be experiencing at our other facilities,” Dr. Loss said. “It’s really going to be a place where people can have certain procedures but also easy access to those wellness screenings to stay healthy.”

Now that the opening date is approaching, Ochsner begins the recruiting process for Clearview. A job fair will be held at the Clearview City Center on November 17. Interested persons are encouraged to RSVP today to secure their place at ochsner.org/career-events before the job fair. Some job offers will be made on site. Vacancies include RNs, RPNs, Surgical Technicians, Operating Room Assistants, Anesthesia Technicians, Ophthalmology Technicians, Surgery Planners, Imaging Technicians, CNAs, Physician Assistants, patient access representatives and more.

The new complex was designed around the patient experience, with an emphasis on ease and convenience. To ensure patients get to where they need to be as easily as possible, the Ochsner team emphasized accessibility and wayfinding throughout the construction process. Greeters will be posted at the entrances to help guide patients. Those with the MyOchsner app will be able to scan a barcode to notify medical staff of their arrival. A pharmacy with drive-thru will facilitate the pick-up of medications. Valet parking and patient transportation will make the overall experience more convenient for patients. And to accommodate busy schedules, the resort will be offering extended hours for select services.

State-of-the-art technology has also been integrated into all aspects of the Clearview complex. In addition to high-tech devices for robotic and minimally invasive surgery, there will be an O-Bar where patients can purchase wearable devices that measure key health parameters. O-Bar staff will also help patients enroll in MyOchsner and other digital medicine programs, as well as resolve any technology issues patients may encounter. Additionally, all medical offices will be equipped for virtual visits for patients who cannot come to Clearview in person.

During the design phase, Hancher said Ochsner executives looked at medical facilities in other states as well as best practices learned from its own large-scale projects such as the Benson Cancer Center in New York. Orleans and the Ochsner Medical Complex – The Grove in Baton Rouge.

“We took the best parts of some of our own recent designs and modeled this setup in a similar way,” Hancher said. “What really stands out about Clearview is the location and the space to accommodate so many offerings. We have created a healthcare destination that we can improve and adapt over time to continue to meet the needs of our community.

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