One of the world’s top luxury hotel brands now accepts cryptocurrency as payment.

Cryptocurrencies seem to be spreading fast. And among the top brands in the world that have accepted it as a legitimate form of payment, the latest is Soneva. The marquee said it will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payments at its resorts in Thailand and the Maldives. For this purpose, the cryptocurrency payment option will be available at Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani and Soneva in Aqua in the Maldives, and Soneva Kiri in Thailand. Moreover, it will also be accepted for the Soneva Villa Ownership, which offers real estate to foreign buyers in the Maldives.

Soneva Kiri

The brand has partnered with cryptocurrency payment solution provider TripleA and payment platform provider Pomelo Pay for the new initiative. It should be noted, however, that payments made will be 100% non-refundable, with credits granted in accordance with policy.

Soneva Fushi

Commenting on this, Bruce Bromley, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Managing Director of Soneva, said in a statement: “At Soneva, we have always strived to be a pioneer in the hospitality industry, therefore accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of payment is another example of enabling our international customers to easily make payments from anywhere in the world. With a global crypto market estimated at 4.94 billion by 2030, it only makes sense to follow in Soneva’s footsteps! Your thoughts?

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