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Pitt decided to buy a hotel on Bigelow Boulevard that she has been renting for two years to accommodate students.

On November 19, the Properties and Facilities Committee of the Board of Directors approved the purchase of the Residence Inn University Medical Center property at 3896 Bigelow Blvd. for $ 32 million, pending due diligence.

“The university has identified a need for short-term expansion of student accommodation capacity, particularly in apartment-style units located close to campus, and the proposed acquisition aligns with the real estate strategy of the university. ‘university,’ David DeJong, senior vice chancellor for business and operations, said at the committee meeting.

The university first rented the property, along with two other Oakland hotels, in the 2020-21 academic year to help reduce housing density on campus during the height of the pandemic. This year, Pitt continued to rent the Residence Inn property due to the unexpected arrival of a freshman class.

This year, the building is home to undergraduates, who can stay there until spring 2022. After that, Pitt will adapt the property to furnished apartment-style residences available for 12-month leases from July and intended for students. graduates.

The property currently has 89 functional apartments, 73 one-bedroom units and nine two-bedroom units. There is also a 172-space parking garage, living room, fitness center, outdoor patio, and outdoor basketball court.

“Pitt’s acquisition of the Residence Inn enables us to provide quality housing to our graduate students, and the purchase supports the University’s long-term enrollment growth anticipated in the campus master plan,” said Matthew Sterne, Vice-Chancellor of Business Services.

Each residence will include a kitchenette, private bathroom and central air conditioning and will be furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, chair and table. Additional property amenities include a fitness center, outdoor patio, basketball court, on-site laundry, and parking garage.

Other planned housing additions include a suite-style undergraduate student residence as part of the hillside development and non-work-access housing for non-students at the former Quality Inn site at 3401 Boulevard of the Allies in South Oakland.

Other action of the committee:

Seventh floor cathedral: The floor-by-floor renovation of the Cathedral of Learning will now move to the seventh floor, after the committee approved the $ 8 million project. It will include work on 15,700 square feet of space for the Senior Vice Chancellor’s Office for Research, the Provost’s Office and Pitt IT. The project includes improvements to finishes, furnishings and reconfiguration of the space, including accessibility improvements; updates to the lobby and restrooms; replacement of the peripheral steam heating system with a new hot water heating system; replacement of mechanical systems to include central air conditioning; reopening previously closed elevator door openings to provide direct access to the floor; and new energy efficient lighting.

3512 Fifth Avenue: The committee also approved the renovation of the University-owned building at 3512 Fifth Ave., between McKee Place and Meyran Avenue, to relocate Pitt’s IT staff. The $ 5.5 million project would reconfigure the space to provide hotel resorts, limited offices and conference space in support of a new hybrid working arrangement. Pitt IT was one of the first to allow its staff to continue working from home. The project also includes an improved facade, new furniture, and improvements to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

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