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The Phoenix Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center is an intensive day treatment center that supports veterans with an acute or chronic mental health diagnosis, such as PTSD, depression, bipolar or schizophrenia, which is currently causing impairment important part of daily activities and functioning.

The PRRC team partners with veterans and helps them achieve the goals they have set for themselves by providing support, education and treatment opportunities designed to foster empowerment, instill hope, validate strengths, teach life skills and facilitate community integration.

PRRC offers courses focused on effective symptom management, improving communication, increasing self-esteem, and positive coping. Classes include a variety of evidence-based practices that promote recovery, including social skills training, creative arts therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Services provided include the following: individual recovery planning, mental health education and skills building, wellness and enrichment opportunities, community experiences, peer support, case management and family education.

The PRRC’s mission is to provide a roadmap to empowerment, wellness and recovery through collaborative, professional and recovery-oriented therapeutic services.


  • Self-direction– Veterans guide the direction of their own path to recovery
  • Individualized, Veteran-Centred Care– A veteran’s goals are specific to needs, preferences, and experiences
  • Accountability– Veterans have the power to choose various treatment options based on the education provided.
  • Holistic approach to care– Recovery encompasses all aspects of life including mind, body, spirit and community
  • Non-linear– Recovery is not a step-by-step process, but one based on continuous growth, occasional setbacks and learning from experience
  • Strengths-based– Recovery focuses on valuing and developing talents, coping skills and resiliences
  • Peer support– Veterans who have been through what you are going through are available to provide mutual support and experiential knowledge
  • Respect– Veterans are valued and accepted in all aspects of life
  • Responsibility– Veterans are personally responsible for their personal care and recovery journey
  • Hope– The recovery gives hope for a better future. Veterans can and do
    overcome barriers and obstacles.

How can I participate?
Ask your mental health care provider for a referral or speak to a PRRC staff member at 602-277-5551 ext. 6471

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