Simonson Construction Services honored for its work at Wooster and Ashland

Simonson Construction Services was recently honored at an awards banquet hosted by the Northern Ohio Chapter of Cleveland Associated Builders and Contractors.

The Excellence in Construction Awards Gala recognized superior and innovative construction projects throughout the Northern Ohio region.

Simonson submitted pricing requests for three recently completed construction projects: the West View Skilled Nursing and Wellness Center in Wooster, the Salvation Army Kroc Community Center addition in Ashland, and the primary color installation in Ashland.

The projects selected had several quality characteristics: all three were significant in size and scope, and they showcased a range of services that Simonson Construction provides to Wooster, Ashland and surrounding communities, according to a company press release.

West View Healthy Living amenities provide services that meet the many needs of residents and community members in and around Wooster.

The West View facility project competed in the $10-25 million range of the healthcare category and received an award of merit. Approximately 56,000 square feet of living and recreational space has been added to the West View community.

West View Healthy Living is a retirement community designed to provide amenities for a wide variety of resident health and wellness needs.

The Salvation Army's Ashland Kroc Community Center addition includes a fitness center, multi-purpose space and indoor water park.

The addition to the Salvation Army’s Kroc Community Center was listed in the $5-10 million institutional category and received the Award of Excellence. It was recognized as one of three finalists for Project of the Year.

Simonson Construction’s construction and excavation crews invested more than 12,500 man hours in the 20,700 square foot installation. When the project ended last December, the center welcomed the public to its state-of-the-art indoor water park, fitness center and multipurpose space, open seven days a week and offering a multitude of activities. for members of all ages. .

Ashland's Primary Colors factory packages and distributes character-themed candy and candy around the world.

The Primary Colors installation at Ashland was submitted in the Prefab Building Under $100 Million category. The establishment received the ABC Excellence Award.

Upon completion, the facility totaled 93,635 square feet under the roof.

Primary Colors is a trading company that packages and ships various character-themed snacks, candies and sweets for all ages around the world. With the new facility, Primary Colors can achieve higher production rates with room for growth.

“Simonson Construction Services was proud to represent the West View Healthy Living Wellness Center and Skilled Nursing Facility, the Salvation Army’s Ashland Kroc Community Center addition and the Primary Colors Ashland Facility at the Excellence in construction,” the statement said. “The construction company looks forward to showcasing upcoming projects in Wooster, Ashland and surrounding areas at future awards ceremonies.”

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