Texas Tech grad, Lubbock native, heading to Harvard

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — Lubbock-born Destiny Taylor will soon head to Harvard.

Destiny was born in Lubbock, but being in a military family, had to move. She has lived in London, Los Angeles, New York and Arizona. She says there is no place like Hub City, and it will forever be the place she calls home.

“My friends always ask, ‘How are you like LA, London, and then you’re back home?’ But this is my home,” Taylor said.

At the end of each summer, she cried, not wanting to leave Lubbock. Taylor says living in big cities has made her really appreciate being home because of how friendly everyone is.

She wasn’t sure what she wanted to pursue at first and did everything from modeling to running an art gallery. Then she decided to attend Texas Tech because it allowed her to do everything she loved.

“Texas Tech allowed me to combine all of my passions and that’s why I chose to be here,” Taylor said.

When she started thinking about what she wanted to do after college, she knew she wanted to go to a prestigious school. So she applied to Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

On Taylor’s birthday, she learned she had been accepted to Princeton, then 30 minutes later she had a scheduled interview with Harvard. She was accepted to all three, but knew where she belonged.

“Going to these schools was really surreal for me, but I knew in the end that Harvard was where I wanted to go,” Taylor said.

His whole family is from Lubbock and they have been by his side all this time.

“My dad is super proud, my mom too,” Taylor said. “My sister is like, ‘Honey, I knew that.'”

Taylor says she did it because she was confident in herself. She is proud of her dynamism throughout her career.

“It’s the faith behind it, it’s the will to want something and not just for yourself, but for others, but also to do what God tells you to do,” Taylor said.

Destiny hopes everyone will follow this post and believe it can accomplish anything.

Taylor will attend Harvard in the fall for three years. After that, she plans to return home and open a health and wellness center.

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