The all-inclusive of the new era offering a different side of Dominica


But he found himself almost gnawing at the table after 50 minutes of waiting for a pizza; the service, always smiling, was at times inexorably slow. And when our food arrived we still had to sign for it, despite the fact that when we arrived we were given a bracelet to indicate our all inclusive status.

Other than the bracelet, however, there was no evidence of the cheap plonk and endless buffets that characterize traditional all-inclusives. One night we ordered room service, with only the tray fee payable. Chic and contemporary rooms are the kind you want to spend time in, with their hardwood floors, huge murals, pops of color, and soundtrack of the sea just outside.

While there is no beach at Fort Young, there is a dive center, with unlimited unescorted dives available as part of the package. Or you can take a boat from the hotel’s pier for another included excursion: a lionfish hunt.

This colorful fish may seem exotic, but it is an opportunistic predator that kills other marine life if its numbers are not controlled. It hides under rocks on the reef, so the harpoon involves some snorkeling and a lot of care to avoid the spine range of the fish. “If you get stung by one, you’re going to cry for your mother,” Captain Don warned.


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