The best hotels in Ireland for enjoying nature, according to CN Traveler

Looking for a dose of nature? These are the best hotels for accessing all the rugged beauty Ireland has to offer.

Condé Nast Traveler has ranked the eight best accommodations on the Emerald Isle for enjoying nature. The list includes everything from lavish lakeside cabins and glamping adventures to stays at secluded lighthouses on the Wild Atlantic Way and five-star hotels overlooking stunning coastlines.

The luxury travel website writes: “There aren’t many places in the world that have as much cultural and geographic diversity as Ireland. Accents, landscapes and customs change rapidly as you you weave your way through the tiny island.The Atlantic Ocean has sculpted caves, cliffs and shores along the west coast, leaving behind some of the finest beaches in Europe.Ireland’s unspoilt regions North and Midlands are perfect for serene lakeside walks, and when the sun sets behind the mountains, the starry skies reveal themselves.

“Exploring Ireland’s remote landscapes and trails, even in its secluded coastal and mountain towns, doesn’t mean forgoing luxury. Across the country, upscale stays overlooking the sea, unique accommodations for special nights in peaceful forests and activities of the stays in the mountains where one is immersed in the open air.”

Here are the best hotels to enjoy nature in Ireland:

1. Lakeside Cabü, County Monaghan

2. Cliff House Hotel, County Waterford

3. Glasson Lakehouse, County Westmeath

4. Clare Island Lighthouse, County Mayo

5. Finn Lough Bubble Domes, County Fermanagh

6. Dromquinna Manor Refuge, County Kerry

7. Sperrin View, County Tyrone

8. Delphi Adventure Resort, County Galway

For more information, visit the Condé Traveler website.

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