‘The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 5 Recap – [Spoiler] have sex

Warning: the following contains spoilers for The boys Season 3, Episode 5. Continue at your own risk!

Kimiko and Frenchie weren’t the only pair to move into new territory The boys this week.

In the last episode, Butcher told Maeve that the trip to Russia in search of a weapon capable of killing Homelander was empty. Feeling defeated, the two got drunk — so much for their sobriety — and complained about the sad state of affairs. Then Maeve leaned over Butcher and… the two kissed! When Butcher stood up with a severely shocked expression, Maeve followed and defiantly replied, “Do you still think you’re too good for me?” Let’s just say he definitely wasn’t too good not to sleep with her.

“The writers talked about this moment as desperate and a little dirty,” showrunner Eric Kripke told TVLine. “We talked about The Monster Ball, when Billy Bob Thorton and Halle Berry meet and it’s so dirty because they’re both mourning death. So we talked a lot [how] they’re both so stuck in that moment, and they both have so much in common, surprisingly, [in] how much they hate Homelander, how much they hate superheroes, in general, how fucked up they both feel. And then it kind of blows up in that hookup.

If Butcher and Maeve’s moment of unexpected passion felt familiar in its direction and tone, it might be because star Karl Urban was inspired by a famous erotic thriller. “He was really interested in the first big sex scene between Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange in The postman always rings twice, because it’s so desperate and grimy and fast, and he was really inspired by that,” Kripke shares. “If you put the two sex scenes next to each other, they’re pretty similar. It was pretty much kind of a capture of that energy of desperation.

Unfortunately for Maeve, Homelander was able to sense Butcher on her after the encounter, causing him and Black Noir to kidnap her. Starlight feared that Maeve was dead, which Ashley would neither confirm nor deny, instead recounting how Maeve entered a wellness center for treatment.

“You should be very concerned about [Maeve’s] well-being, but log in to see. She’s in a tough spot,” Kripke teases.

As to whether Homelander’s decision to take Maeve captive was an act of jealousy or feeling betrayed, Kripke believes his response was the culmination of many perceived threats over the years. “I don’t think it was an impulsive moment,” Kripke says. “For Homelander, it was a long time coming. It’s the airplane video that Maeve blackmails him with, it’s years of little slights that he likes to push away. For the writers, it was a sign of , oh wow, this guy is really controlling Vought because he’s starting to settle his debts, and that’s what makes him so scary.

The boys fans, what did you think of the encounter between Butcher and Maeve? And do you think Maeve is alive or dead?

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