The Williamsburg hotel is just as sexy as advertised


You access the Williamsburg hotel website in Brooklyn by clicking on the line “Wanna Sleep With A Local?” It is very on the nose when it comes to selling the sexy side of this hotel. It is not a lie either.

That being said, there are a million sexy hotels you can stay in New York City at varying levels of comfort and luxury. And staying outside of Manhattan is definitely a choice that sacrifices some accessibility. But if you’re looking for a hotel that is a little out of the way while still offering one of the best views of the city, you’ll be glad to find this gem. Plus, it’s across from one of the best craft beer spots in the five arrondissements (more on that later).

Above all, the Williamsburg Hotel is the kind of place that makes you feel alive. It pulsates with energy; a destination on itself. Locals and travelers alike mingle in the hallways, by the pool and over an avocado toast every morning. It was these social aspects (and, yes, that aforementioned sensuality) that prompted us to choose it as the first entry in our new “Hotels We Love” series.


The Williamsburg Hotel

The sex appeal of Williamsburg goes beyond the beautiful people who inhabit the common spaces. Rooftop parties (which turn into parties) by the pool feature DJs spinning with the Manhattan skyline framing the entire stage. Then you have the bar scene that pops up in the lobby (even on weeknights), the protected sex packs in the minibar, and the sleek vibe and overall design.

Hanging out in the lobby bar after people have finished dining is a pretty safe way to meet people. If you go out there, your room card grants you access to the rooftop bar and its party scene. It’s not wild in and of itself, but it will be a hell of a party if you’re with the right team.

if you want even more of a scene, you are in Williamsburg. While it’s not the heart of Brooklyn, there are plenty within walking distance if you want a bite to eat, pop into the bars, or just grab a bodega sandwich (there’s a great little bodega with good sandwiches just across the street). Plus, there’s about 20 years of cool kid residual energy permeating every block.


The Williamsburg Hotel

The lobby bar communicates with the main restaurant. I only ate breakfast there. It was good quality and local 2021 standards – good benny eggs, toast avo with lots of greens, farm fresh eggs etc. It was better than, say, the Marriott but it wasn’t life changing and I ‘probably would have gone to a restaurant or grocery store in town if I had to do it again. The cappuccino was there. Room service is prompt and arrives piping hot, which is a nice touch.

The lobby and rooftop bars are very standard hotel bars with a decent cocktail menu, good local craft beer, and lots of wine from everywhere. While the drinks are perfectly good, you really only go to these bars to meet people, the drinks are kind of secondary.


The Williamsburg Hotel
  • Rooftop pool with 2 bars
  • free WIFI
  • 24-hour gym and fitness center
  • Pet Program
  • Bathrobes
  • Work desk and chair
  • Room service
  • High-end stocked minibar
  • Apotheke toiletries
  • Breakfast included


The Williamsburg Hotel

Standard rooms may or may not have a small terrace, queen-size or king-size beds, a flat screen TV, and a bathroom fitted with classic tiles and old-fashioned brass fittings. The shower sits between the bed and the bathroom in a glass veranda so you can see from the shower to the city skyline through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Beyond that, there are loft and skyline suites with a bit more space, tubs right next to floor-to-ceiling windows with Manhattan or Brooklyn views, and showers big enough for two… or more.


Brooklyn Brewery

It’s easy. The Brooklyn Brewery taproom is on the corner of the cats on Wythe Ave and 11th. The taproom is usually open until 9 or 10 p.m., making it the perfect place to tie up a few before heading back to The Williamsburg just as the fun begins.

If you prefer dive bars, one block down 11th Street you’ll find The Whiskey Brooklyn. It’s a ‘whiskey’ shop which is really more of a dive bar with a fantastic whiskey list and decent cocktails.


Katz Deli

Being in Williamsburg, it’s actually faster and easier to get into Midtown and the Village than parts of Brooklyn. I would have put Di Fara Pizza here for a pizza, but it takes 45-60 minutes through Brooklyn to get there.

To stay in the classic theme, I’m going with Katz Delicatessen. It’s a $ 20 cab or Uber ride and takes about 20 minutes without heavy traffic. Besides, it’s Katz. I’m not sure you can go to New York and not go there at least once. Order the pastrami over rye with a little mustard, grab a Dr. Brown’s soda (cherry of course), and don’t sleep on the potato salad and knishes.


The Williamsburg Hotel

It was a cut above a good Hilton but a cut below a Conrad. The beds were great but the pillows were a bit stiff. The thread count on the sheets was average but very comfortable against the skin. Overall it was a good sleep experience but not too memorable.

Evaluation: 8/10


The Williamsburg Hotel

Any upscale hotel that has lube and condoms in the minibar knows what’s going on. Plus, you can easily meet people at the rooftop bar or in the lobby. However, I would recommend the rooftop bar as you will have the entire Manhattan skyline as your backdrop.

Evaluation: 10/10


The Williamsburg Hotel

I mean, you can see the pictures in this article. We’ve already mentioned the Manhattan skyline view a dozen times. You get it. It’s not a property that appeals to the gram but it’s almost always cheesy.

It definitely has a lot of cool angles, a super sleek design, and a lot of good lighting.

Evaluation: 9/10


The Williamsburg Hotel

Is there a bad season to visit New York? No. That being said, to get the most out of the rooftop, you’ll need to visit this location between April and September.

IF I HAVE to complain about something:

The Williamsburg Hotel

This part of Brooklyn is really great if you want to spend your time right in Williamsburg. The rest of Brooklyn, however, feels / is more remote than the village. It’s a little weird that it’s easier to party in the Village than in Brooklyn from this hotel – I’m sure if you live in BK you’ll get used to it.


The Williamsburg Hotel

Expect to pay between $ 220 and $ 620 for a standard room to a Skyline Suite (more on weekends).

Click here to check availability.

We would like to recognize and honor the original peoples of this land, the Munsee Lenape and Canarsie Nations.

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