Tinx explains why flower crowns should be canceled and her Coachella weekend must-haves

Festival season is upon us and H&M is making us want to dress up for the occasion with its new Hôtel Hennes campaign filled with spring and summer must-haves. We were especially excited when we found out that TikTok star Christina Najjar, known as Tinx, stars in the campaign video as a (very cool and stylish) hotel receptionist with all the hot gossip. In honor of the big outing, Tinx heads to Coachella to host a brunch with a group of his closest friends at Hotel Hennes. We got to chat with the star about what she’s up to and looking forward to her big weekend in the desert.

“Honestly, it’s so nice to be able to get together with a brand I love and celebrate the start of Coachella. We’ve been gone for two years, and I’m really lucky to be doing it with H&M. I’ve been wearing them since I think it was 11,” Tinx told Us. She’s been a fan of the brand for ages, which is why this partnership makes so much sense.

“I was talking to my mum this morning, and she was reminding me that when I was growing up in London, H&M opened on our High Street, which is like the main street in your neighborhood. And she said, ‘Yeah, you were dragging me there, don’t you remember? You always dragged me there and begged me to buy you clothes. So it’s really cool to come full circle. And obviously I’m so excited for Coachella and I’m going look good thanks to H&M,” Tinx said.

Want to hear Tinx dish on her Coachella essentials and the festival trends she loves? Keep reading to get all the details she gave us.

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