Tyrone drug lord Seamus Quinn enjoys luxury holiday in Qatar

In one video, the bald drug dealer films himself in a giant hot tub and in a second he shows off the stunning night view from his hotel.

The Coalisland criminal has made regular trips to Qatar in recent years, but rarely posts about his sun vacation on social media.

But the arrogant crime boss, once described in court by a police officer as being heavily involved in the drug trade, sent some videos of himself living the luxury life last week and they were shared around of Co Tyrone.

In one video, the bald drug dealer films himself in a giant hot tub and in a second he shows off the stunning night view from his hotel.

It is understood that Seamus Quinn is no longer the main drug dealer he once was, but it is understood that he has made tons of money selling drugs over the years.

Since being exposed in this article as a criminal, he’s been very secretive and generally careful to ensure his lavish lifestyle isn’t splashed on social media.

But copies of his vacation videos have been widely shared and show him having Riley’s life.

In the first video, we see his smiling mugshot as he sticks his tongue out and gives the camera a thumbs up from his hotel hot tub.

And in the second, he shows the view from his hotel balcony that shows the night skyline of the country’s capital.

He says, “Well, last night I was drinking, me… (name three people who are with him) with a few beers, a few wines, look at that view, Oh my God.”

The view of the surrounding city is certainly stunning, and the hotel pool can be seen far below.

Quinn, who is 53, has spent the week in Doha where the vast majority of the 64 matches at the 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place over the next six weeks.

Fans from England, the United States, Argentina and Brazil, among many others, will converge on Doha for the biggest sporting event of the year which takes place in November and December for the first time to to avoid harsh summer temperatures in Qatar.

Sources say they wouldn’t be surprised if Seamus Quinn were to make another trip to the Gulf state to catch a few games during the football festival.

“Seamus Quinn travels to Doha regularly,” said a source who said a close relative works in Doha. “He loves it and he’s been there several times already this year.

“He hates publicity, so he’ll be annoyed that he shared these videos with anyone. It’s not like him. He’s usually more careful not to show himself, but he must have had a few and couldn’t help but let the world know how well he was doing.

“Don’t be surprised if it is booked for the World Cup. Four of the five stadiums used are in and around Doha.”

Quinn is the brother of controversial former priest Joseph Quinn, who was suspended from the Catholic Church after it emerged he paid £45,000 to a woman, who claimed he raped her.

But there would be no acceptance of responsibility from the priest at the time and the alleged victim would not be allowed to speak about his allegations, especially to the media.

Seamus is also the brother of Declan ‘Bill’ Quinn who was killed in a hit-and-run by notorious criminal Anthony Quinn, the son of Stephen ‘Donkey’ Quinn, who happens to be Seamus’ cousin.

The Sunday World revealed that in 2014 a court awarded the notorious ‘Donkey’ the paltry sum of £100 to be paid by his drug-dealing cousin Seamus following a family feud which cost the life to “Donkey’s” other cousin, Declan Quinn.

Seamus and Declan Quinn went to “Donkey” in Coalisland in 2011 with another man.

They were looking to confront Anthony, the son of ‘Donkey’, over a garden shed being set on fire and it was claimed they were armed with guns and hammers.

When Anthony Quinn showed up at his father’s house, having been called about the men there, he was then chased in his car by the three men.

Shortly after, Anthony Quinn saw Declan Quinn on the road and killed him by ramming him at high speed. He later pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Seamus earned the crime boss moniker ‘Teflon’ after leaving Omagh Crown Court after being found guilty of an assault which took place during a dispute with another family which left a man needing 17 staples in the head.

He was handed a relatively light sentence of 60 hours of community service – despite the court hearing, he had already racked up 14 previous convictions.

Quinn, of Stewartstown Road Coalisland, was originally charged with forcible confinement and death threats, but they were withdrawn by the PPS.

Two other men who were part of Quinn’s gang received suspended prison sentences related to the same incident in January 2012.

The court heard how the victim’s family suffered three years of intimidation after the assault as Quinn’s gang tried to get them to retract their statements.

A year earlier, we revealed how Quinn had a series of serious charges, including death threats and possession of a firearm.

They were linked to a feud he had with his famous cousin, drug dealer Stephen “Donkey” Quinn.

While the more serious charges were “left on the books”, he was found guilty of burglary and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

And bizarrely, he was ordered to pay £100 compensation to his millionaire cousin.

In the same year, he was sentenced to the lightest of all sentences when he received an absolute discharge, even though he had admitted one count of fraud!

Quinn appeared in Enniskillen Magistrates Court and was found guilty of impersonating an NIE employee with intent to commit fraud.

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