VAI Resort in Glendale will become the largest hotel in Arizona

VAI Resort, the largest hotel and entertainment destination in Arizona, is set to open in late spring 2023. With a mission to bring an oasis of water to the desert, VAI Resort will be the premier day-living destination and country night.

VAI Resort is currently under construction near State Farm Stadium in Glendale.

VAI Resort will feature more than 1,200 luxury hotel suites and rooms, a large state-of-the-art 360-degree concert stage, 13 fine dining concepts, white sand beaches and crystal clear Caribbean blue water. A 52,000 square foot island will be the focal point of this unique 60 acre resort.

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Previously advertised as Crystal Lagoons, VAI Resort has transformed into Arizona’s first multi-dimensional entertainment mecca.

“Growing up in Arizona, it was always my dream to bring some of the best attractions from around the world to our doorstep,” said Grant Fisher, President of VAI Resort. “From the vibes of Mykonos and Tulum, to the beaches of Miami, to the concerts and parties of Las Vegas, to the ultra-modern attractions of Dubai, we bring the best of the best to VAI Resort right here in the heart of Glendale.

VAI Resort will host the best artists with more than 100 events per year. This one-of-a-kind development features the largest man-made private party island in the country. The resort also has a 400-foot tethered balloon so guests can take in sweeping views of the Valley of the Sun. The unique concept and combination of attractions should put the state of Arizona on the bucket list of international travelers.

“While most Arizona residents leave the state during the hot summer months, VAI Resort will bring the beach and refreshing water to their backyard,” Mr. Fisher continued. “There will be no need to go anywhere else!”

VAI Resort will create more than 1,800 new jobs for Glendale and have a significant economic benefit for the region.

“When you choose your partners well, you can expect great things to happen,” said Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps. “This is precisely what we experience with VAI Resort. Mr. Fisher’s increased investment and enhanced vision for this world-class property will truly cement the town of Glendale here in the valley, state and country as a premier entertainment destination.

Designed to attract travelers from around the world, VAI Resort features one of the world’s largest immersive 360-degree concert halls, designed by TAIT. Spectators will have the unique opportunity to experience the shows directly from the private balconies of their luxury hotel rooms. With over 170 hotel rooms overlooking the stage, guests will be able to experience incredible shows like never before.

“TAIT sets the standard for world-class live experiences,” said Howard Weiss, vice president of entertainment. “They really bring amazing ideas to life. Having them as a partner allows us to bring in some of the greatest talent from around the world. Expect to see lineups of high-end artists, comedians, and DJs here at VAI.

With world-class entertainment, expansive white-sand beaches, luxury hotel suites and experiential restaurants, VAI Resort is truly raising the hospitality game. In addition, VAI also offers an extravagant 20,000 square foot spa and wellness center, an elegant wedding chapel, and over 40,000 square feet of ballrooms and flexible meeting space.

“Our goal is to combine this incredible new resort with an excellent service culture, so that our guests enjoy luxury entertainment in a friendly and fun way,” said Mike McLellan, COO of VAI Resort. “Across our unrivaled range of indulgences, we know you will appreciate VAI’s unique hospitality.

Designed as a real immersive playground for all ages, the complex will also host the first Mattel Adventure Park. Families can also enjoy gorgeous public beaches and endless entertainment.

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