Verulam’s daughter who was repeatedly raped by her stepfather to find her mother’s family


Durban – Child Verulam who was used as a sex slave by her stepfather should be reunited with her maternal family.

This was after her 45-year-old stepfather was convicted of multiple counts of sex crimes, including the repeated rape of the child for 18 months. The stepfather initially faced 56 charges. These were reduced to 36 after the defense challenged the duplication of charges during their pleadings.

Of the 36 counts, the defendant was convicted of 33 counts by Judge Mohini Moodley on Friday by the High Court in Durban. These include several counts of rape, sexual predation of a child, use of a child for pornography, possession and distribution of child pornography, human trafficking, child abuse. children and sexual exploitation.

He also forced the child to dress in adult lingerie, do household chores, smoke cannabis, and engage in indecent acts towards herself, himself and others.

In her judgment, Justice Moodley found that the accused, who was not present at the time of her decision, was arrogant and narcissistic. He chose not to participate further in court proceedings after losing his temper during cross-examination by senior state counsel Cheryl Naidu.

After analyzing the evidence the accused provided during his brief stint on the stand, Judge Moodley said: “The accused attempted to present himself as an ingenuous victim. However, he was a staunch liar. His arrogance and narcissism were evident in his responses in court as well as in his propensity to take pictures of himself. “

Judge Moodley found the accused intelligent, saying he was able to think on his feet and fabricate answers to move his story forward quickly. “Nonetheless, he found himself caught in the web of his lies because of his own inconsistencies and contradictions. His attempts to create sympathy by shedding tears for neglecting his own child for the complainant failed miserably when he spat vitriol at the complainant’s betrayal of him and her having had it. left to rot in prison.

She said this exposed the fallacy and hypocrisy of his emotional claims that he only considered the best interests of the victim, who he said was like his own child.

“There was no acknowledgment of his criminal and destructive conduct towards the complainant, while his aggressiveness and violent character were made clear in court. “

Moodley J. concluded that the state had proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt. She reviewed what she considered the most important evidence as well as the court’s findings on such evidence. She assessed several issues, which she dissected individually before providing her conclusions.

Judge Moodley examined the ownership of the Huawei cell phone, voice notes, pictures, videos, tattoos and scars of the accused, found sex toys and use of lingerie. She also looked at school attendance, forced household chores, smoking weed, the victim was taken to a hotel, and sex acts in front of Candace (the accused’s girlfriend).

On the issue of the Huawei cell phone, which contained pornographic videos and images, Judge Moodley, based on the evidence of the victim and other witnesses, concluded that the cell phone actually belonged to the accused. The accused denied that the cell phone belonged to him. He said it was the child’s property, alleging he bought it for her after her tablet broke.

The state argued that the adult man seen in the videos and pictures was, in fact, the accused. The child also put forward this evidence, which the accused denied. Justice Moodley, however, found the victim’s testimony to be strong and credible.

“She has remained steadfast and unwavering. She remained steadfast in her chief testimony. She even said in her testimony, “If it isn’t him, then who is it?” Since the child was a minor, she would not have presented herself that way. “

Moodley J. found that the child, in his testimony, was telling the truth and that it was too detailed and graphic to be imagined. She said the accused’s denials were false and rejected his version of events.

Justice Moodley found inconsistencies and contradictions in his testimony. She also found that he had a temper and had become defensive. Judge Moodley dealt with the human trafficking charge last. She said the defense argument to drop the charge that the child was not being accommodated and kept against her will could not stand.

“The complainant was financially and socially dependent on the accused. She was isolated from her family and therefore sought the company of adults. The state has proven its trafficking case.

After the judgment, the child’s uncle said, “We are now patiently awaiting sentencing, but I pray that he will spend the rest of his miserable life in prison. He must rot in prison.

He thanked Warrant Officer Nervarge Lutchminarain, the investigating officer, and lawyer Naidu.

“We are grateful for the enormous and tireless efforts they have made in this case to secure his conviction. The amount of work that was required to prove the case was evident during the trial. We cannot thank them enough.

The parent confirmed that social workers were working to reunite the child with his family. “We can’t say too much due to her safety, but the social workers are busy with the paperwork and we hope to see her soon.”

Lutchminarain said: “I am particularly happy with the conviction for human trafficking. People need to be educated on human trafficking law. It feels like the long hours and countless sleepless nights, while gathering evidence against the accused, have come in handy. I thank lawyer Naidu for her hard work and late nights, not to mention Col. A Maimela of Cybercrime for his help in uploading evidence.

He said victims of rape and abuse must immediately report cases to the police, so that crucial evidence is not lost and the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

The accused was arrested in 2018 at his home in Riet River after neighbors discovered he was using the child as a sex slave. Sex toys, lingerie, a Huawei cell phone and other accessories were found at the scene.

According to testimonies filed in court, the accused regained custody of the child after the death of her mother. The rape began in 2017. The child was then 10 years old. The judgment will take place in January. The accused will remain in detention until then.

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