Vouch’s new platform modernizes pre-arrival hotel experiences

Hotel technology provider, Vouch, has introduced a new digital guest platform, Bespoke by Vouch, which combines pre-arrival guest engagement and experience personalization for hotels through intelligent automation.

Extending ahead of the arrival of the company’s flagship customer experience platform, Bespoke by Vouch’s algorithm creates personalized recommendations based on customer profiles and preferences, allowing customers to personalize their next stays at the hotel by purchasing experiences that interest them.

Vouch’s New Platform Gives Guests the Ability to Plan Itineraries, Check Room Upgrades, and Make Transactions and Payments Digitally

The platform also offers customers the ability to plan itineraries, check room upgrades, and conduct transactions and payments digitally.

“From the beginning, we have worked with hotels to create digital solutions that help improve the modern hotel experience as well as increase the efficiency of hotel operations…to create an ideal solution that enables both the customer satisfaction and work efficiency through automation,” said Joseph. Ling, founder and CEO of Vouch.

He added: “Hotels today are facing an increase in guest demand while facing an unprecedented labor shortage. The often overlooked pre-arrival experience has been largely labor intensive and this lag in digitalization has created a wide efficiency gap for hotels compared to other industries in the service sector.

With the launch, Bespoke by Vouch will provide hotels with reliable solutions to help them in their efforts to deliver an excellent guest experience – from hotel management portal and guest information data collection (dietary restrictions, check-in times and stay goals) to incremental revenue with the upsell channel that gives hotels more prep time to execute each add-on perfectly.

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