What stopped the administrator of Tinsukia from sealing the luxury hotel in the collection of “illicit liquor”?

Assam/Tinsukia. Tinsukia District Administration’s fight against illegal activities was hit hard on Monday after Executive Magistrate Niluram Sarma returned empty-handed from ‘The Mirana’ hotel after learning the case was pending, a day after the additional deputy commissioner issued a sealing order following recovery of huge amounts of illicit alcohol at the hotel.

The court ordered the additional deputy commissioner to reconsider the order to completely close or seal the hotel. However, he did not put a cover on the sealing.

The development came amid an outcry of alleged “high-handedness” from the district administration in the case of Apu’s restaurant, where authorities went ahead with demolition despite the matter being in proceeding and allegations that the administration has softened in The Mirana case. .

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On June 11, a team from the District Administration and Excise Department led by Executive Magistrate Niluram Sarma raided the luxurious hotel and recovered a huge amount of alcohol, including foreign alcohol, alleging that the VAT taxes had not been paid.

The recoveries are said to have taken place in rooms 410 and 417 assigned to the names of Bhaskar Upadhyay and Lachit Sharma at The Mirana hotel, which does not have a bar licence.

More than 50 bottles of whiskey and 100 bottles of beer, among other things, were recovered and a day later, on June 12, the additional deputy commissioner issued an order to seal the entire hotel “immediately”.

However, throwing the buck to the wedding planners, hotel manager Mrigen Kalita said, “The huge amount of alcohol was brought by the guests without the knowledge of the hotel authorities.”

“We have a strict policy that alcohol is not allowed even inside the hotel rooms and the same was categorically advised to Ayush Agarwal at the time of booking the venue for his wedding,” said Kalita said, adding, “The organizers kept us in the dark and violated hotel policy and we filed a police complaint against the occupants of the room.”

The Tinsukia district administration has been accused of being soft on The Mirana hotel case, especially after it was bold in taking strict action against illegal activities by demolishing Apu’s restaurant and 13 other encroachments on land allegedly set aside for National Road 37.

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EM Sarma said, “When we arrived at the hotel to seal it, three lawyers were present at the hotel premises. They said the case was pending and showed the certified copy of the court order. On the instruction of the additional deputy commissioner not to proceed with the sealing as the matter was pending, I backed down and did not proceed with the sealing of the hotel.

When pointed out that the court did not use the word “stay” in its order, according to a copy seen by IsMojoSarma said, “I am a junior officer who followed instructions from higher authorities.”

On allegations related to a deliberate delay in sealing the hotel, Sarma said he received the order on Sunday.

“The next morning, there was a planned eviction in Sripuria locality in Tinsukia, where I was appointed as the executive magistrate to manage law and order. Therefore, I proceeded in the afternoon to seal the hotel. In the meantime, the case has been heard in court and an order has been issued.

Sarma said: “We caught the hotel waiters serving snacks in the room where the alcohol was consumed. Therefore, to say that the hotel authorities were in the dark is a farce to save their skin. CCTV footage will nail them.

Asked that in Apu’s restaurant case, even after the court heard the case and released it for the next hearing in July, which also made him a subjudge, the administration of the district had proceeded to demolish the restaurant, Sarma declined to comment and told this correspondent to speak to circle officer Chinmoy Pathak.

“I was present only as an executive magistrate to manage the public order situation,” he added.

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An administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there is video evidence available to prove things beyond doubt. “How the office’s copy of the order was leaked, and that too on a Sunday, and somehow assisted the defendant in the court process is a serious concern,” he said. he added.

An excerpt from the District and Session Judge’s order reads: “However, the facts remain to be disclosed that there is no evidence that said liquor/wine was supplied by the petitioners or the management of the hotel, but anyway, the petitioners of the revision being the controlling authority of the affairs of their hotel, namely “Le Mirana” cannot escape their public interest responsibility, otherwise it will encourage other people to consume alcohol in said hotel Review Petitioners in the future and Review Petitioners will continue to take such a plea of ​​ignorance or lack of knowledge.

“Even if it is considered that in the name of the fault of the two occupants, the hotel authority should not suffer in this case the total cessation of their activity. Therefore, one must reconsider the opinions expressed by the ld. Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Tinsukia. Accordingly, ld. Addl. The Deputy Commissioner, Tinsukia, is hereby requested to reconsider the order of total closure/sealing of the hotel, namely “Le Mirana” owned by the review petitioners again, when the other two occupants consumed alcohol in their assigned rooms. With the above view, the motion for review is dismissed,” the order reads.

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