World’s Largest Slip’N Slide Opens at Bear Creek Resort in Lee High Valley | Entertainment


The world’s largest inflatable slide tube course, which opened July 16 at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie, stretches over 2.5 miles over more than 20 courses on one of the world’s largest mountains of the Lee High Valley.

“Slide the Slopes is a safe, fun and wet adventure. Customers can spend time in a dazzling outdoor environment, enjoy different routes of varying lengths, soak up the sun and reunite with friends and family this summer. “You can,” Ryan Davis, owner of Slide the Slopes said in the release.

According to Davis, Slide the Slope is one of the most unique and memorable waterslide experiences in the country, with a series of inflatable slides and courses that stretch along one of Lehigh’s largest mountains. Valley.

“For anyone who lives in the Mid Atlantic region, at the top of the Lehigh Valley, cooling off on the inner tube and gliding at high speed is a great attraction for summer vacations and vacations.” , explains Davis.

Elimbisco Chapman, general manager of Bear Creek, said: Mountain Resort, on release. “We look forward to your participation in Slide the Slopes. Enjoy a long stay and enjoy your stay with the family. ”

The great outdoor family slides are open every day from Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. and, depending on the weather, until September 6. Participants over the age of 4 have unlimited access to Slide the Slope every two hours. Bear Creek’s magic carpet and triple chairs transport guests to the top of the course. Over the summer, additional COVID protocols will be implemented to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff. Free parking is available in the exclusive entrance area of ​​Slide The Slopes. Buy tickets at

The resort has also added other new outdoor activities. Some are strictly reserved for hotel guests, others are open to the public or provided to corporate clients. The Mountain Activity Center was established earlier this year as a central location for these activities.

“The goal of our Mountain Activities division is to get people out and enjoy the great outdoors that Bear Creek has to offer,” said Jake Henschel, Mountain Activity Center coordinator. “We love to see people enjoy unique things that help them move from comfort zones to the right places. ”

Currently, hotel guests can enjoy archery, ax throwing, SXS mountain tours, and yoga. All of these paid items can be pre-purchased online or same day, but are in limited quantities and may be sold out. Luxury hotel facilities such as pond activities, lawn games, disc golf, tennis and basketball are also available.

While the hotel front desk will continue to serve normal numbers of guests, the Mountain Activity Center provides another way to easily access the entire resort.

“The creation of this center provides a good foundation for the construction,” said Marketing Director Gary Leakline. “We are working to create a cohesive customer experience that can continue to grow year on year. “

The Mountain Activity Center is located at Lodge Plaza next to the ski rental building. This location was chosen as a friendly place for guests visiting Bear Creek in the winter.

“If you know the history of the resort, it’s no secret that snow sports schools and other winter mountain management services are well established. This activity center puts it all together with the local community and purpose. This is the next big step in becoming a renowned all year round resort that both local visitors can empathize with, ”said Arielle Hess, content marketing strategist.

Giant swings and mountain bike rentals will be available in the coming weeks, and other activities will be carried out this summer in partnership with Slide the Slopes.

For more information on Bear Creek’s outdoor products, please visit: Or follow Bear Creek on social media.

World’s Largest Slip’N Slide Opens at Bear Creek Resort in Lee High Valley | Entertainment

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